Coming of Age

Bud Gray

Ahead of the green curve

Today, many companies claim a legacy of sustainability, but which ones can really back that up? Well, Whirlpool can. By the 1960s, research about human impact on the environment was […]

Coolheaded advice

In the 1960s, consumer needs were shifting. It was no longer enough for a manufacturer to just provide appliances. Access to information, advice and counsel was paramount. In 1967, Whirlpool […]

Reaching for the stars

What would astronauts need to prepare food in space? And what would that food look like? The U.S. Air Force contracted the experts at Whirlpool to build the world’s first […]

International debut

Touring the Miracle Kitchen exhibit presented Whirlpool with a unique opportunity to find global brand partners. In 1957, Whirlpool partnered with Brazil’s Companhia Industrial e Comercial Brasmotor, eventually bringing two […]

Whirlpool on tour

How to attract consumers? By showing them the future. In 1956, Whirlpool Corporation’s Miracle Kitchen toured the U.S. giving consumers a personal look at the appliances of tomorrow. Automated communications, […]

Beyond the laundry room

To grow and evolve, Whirlpool needed to expand its product line into the rest of the home. In 1955, the company embarked on a series of mergers with Seeger Refrigerator […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Bud Gray

If Lou Upton was the fearless founder-innovator, Elisha “Bud” Gray was his ideal successor. Gray arrived from Sears when he was only 32. During a period of global political tension, […]

Giving back in a big way

Midwestern sensibilities about hometown citizenship and community responsibility permeated Whirlpool Corp.’s culture as the business grew. In 1951, the company formalized those efforts by creating the Whirlpool Foundation. Now Whirlpool […]

Kenmore v. Whirlpool

Beginning in 1947, Nineteen Hundred Corp. sold the automatic washer through Sears under the Kenmore® brand name. To make the most of this opportunity to reach new consumers, Nineteen Hundred […]