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Dave Whitwam

Jack Sparks

John Platts

Securing an icon: KitchenAid

Millions of loyal users rely on the iconic KitchenAid stand mixer. The design, which has remained relatively unchanged since 1937, has been in generations of homes for more than 100 […]

An innovation company that makes appliances

With brands and consumers all over the world, Whirlpool recognized the need for a new innovation strategy that sourced ideas from all levels of the organization. As part of this, […]

Explosive growth

In less than 10 years, Whirlpool shifted from being a company focused in North America to a truly global organization. By 1994, Whirlpool was manufacturing in 11 countries, with facilities […]

The spirit of winning

For Whirlpool Corp., healthy competition is one way to keep pursuing excellence and market leadership. In 1993, the company entered a competition sponsored by the Super Efficient Refrigerator Program (SERP). […]

Finding a global foothold

In a three-year span, a series of partnerships and joint ventures yielded Whirlpool strongholds in Mexico, India and Europe. In India, TVS Whirlpool Limited specialized in compact washing machines, highlighting […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Dave Whitwam

Only a few Whirlpool employees had passports in the mid-1980s, something that changed under CEO Dave Whitwam’s leadership. If Jack Sparks laid the foundation for the company’s expansion, then Whitwam […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Jack Sparks

The 1980s were marred by the perception of an America in decline, but while other large companies were breaking up, new CEO Jack Sparks sought to lay the groundwork for […]