Improving Life at Home

Looking forward

Today, Whirlpool continues to improve life at home with revolutionary products such as its industry-first washer with a 2-in-1 Removable Agitator, end-to-end consumer experiences and emerging ecosystems for the home. […]

Marc Bitzer

Jeff Fettig

World-class manufacturing

A culture of continuous improvement creates value and drives productivity. In 2019, Whirlpool embedded the World Class Manufacturing methodology throughout its global operations. This empowered manufacturing employees at all levels […]

Back into space

As technology advances and astronauts are able to spend longer periods of time working missions aboard space stations, Whirlpool continues to work with university and industry partners to create cold-storage […]

Embedded innovation

The Whirlpool way of doing things is different due to embedded innovation, a methodology with the aspiration that innovation should come from everywhere and everyone. By understanding consumer needs and […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Marc Bitzer

Marc Bitzer joined Whirlpool Europe in 1999 to help lead the Bauknecht brand and was named Whirlpool CEO in 2017. Despite the financial and social volatility that came along with […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Jeff Fettig

Jeff Fettig’s legacy is marked by his ability to balance strategic risk-taking with a practical approach to business. These qualities fostered a culture of accountability. Even amid a global recession […]

Making history with Maytag

In 2006, after 70 years of fierce competition, Whirlpool purchased another iconic appliance brand—Maytag. The acquisition made Whirlpool the largest appliance maker in the world. The Maytag Company started as […]

A first-of-its-kind commitment

In 2003, Whirlpool became the world’s first appliance manufacturer to set a greenhouse gas reduction target. Over the next two decades, it has fortified this commitment. In 2021, it committed […]