Being a good neighbor

On a local level, Whirlpool works with community organizations to support affordable housing, education and economic development. In 2002, Whirlpool Latin America launched Instituto Consulado da Mulher, a social program […]

Education through clean clothes

Dirty clothes lead to missed classroom time for students all over the United States, potentially impacting their futures. That’s why Whirlpool launched the Care Counts laundry program to provide washers […]

Large-scale community impact

Whirlpool Corp. works closely with United Way to support programming around health, education and financial stability. In 2018, CEO Marc Bitzer was elected to the board of directors of United […]

Habitat for Humanity

One thing is for certain: If Whirlpool is part of a community, it’s helping to make it better. Ever since 1999, Whirlpool Corp. has donated a range and refrigerator to […]

Ahead of the green curve

Today, many companies claim a legacy of sustainability, but which ones can really back that up? Well, Whirlpool can. By the 1960s, research about human impact on the environment was […]

Giving back in a big way

Midwestern sensibilities about hometown citizenship and community responsibility permeated Whirlpool Corp.’s culture as the business grew. In 1951, the company formalized those efforts by creating the Whirlpool Foundation. Now Whirlpool […]

Stars, stripes and multitasking

As the outbreak of World War II brought consumer manufacturing to a halt, Nineteen Hundred Corp. focused its attention on two endeavors: manufacturing gun mounts and airplane wings to support […]

Weathering a wartime economy

To keep the business afloat during World War I, Upton Machine Co. purchased American Tool Company, a manufacturer of toy popguns, cork guns and air rifles, and the Stopple Kook […]

A home for invention

Benton Harbor, Michigan, the home of Lou’s uncle Emory, was the logical place for Upton Machine Co.’s headquarters. Today, Whirlpool continues to honor its deep roots in Benton Harbor and […]