Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Marc Bitzer

Marc Bitzer joined Whirlpool Europe in 1999 to help lead the Bauknecht brand and was named Whirlpool CEO in 2017. Despite the financial and social volatility that came along with […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Jeff Fettig

Jeff Fettig’s legacy is marked by his ability to balance strategic risk-taking with a practical approach to business. These qualities fostered a culture of accountability. Even amid a global recession […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Dave Whitwam

Only a few Whirlpool employees had passports in the mid-1980s, something that changed under CEO Dave Whitwam’s leadership. If Jack Sparks laid the foundation for the company’s expansion, then Whitwam […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Jack Sparks

The 1980s were marred by the perception of an America in decline, but while other large companies were breaking up, new CEO Jack Sparks sought to lay the groundwork for […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: John Platts

A Whirlpool veteran to his core, John Platts joined the company as an assembly line worker in 1941. Advancing quickly through the ranks, he oversaw major improvements in the company’s […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Bud Gray

If Lou Upton was the fearless founder-innovator, Elisha “Bud” Gray was his ideal successor. Gray arrived from Sears when he was only 32. During a period of global political tension, […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Lou Upton

By the time Lou Upton was 22 years old, he had put his entire life savings—$500—into a promising business venture. But it failed, and he walked away with nothing except […]