Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Marc Bitzer

Marc Bitzer joined Whirlpool Europe in 1999 to help lead the Bauknecht brand and was named Whirlpool CEO in 2017. Despite the financial and social volatility that came along with […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Jeff Fettig

Jeff Fettig’s legacy is marked by his ability to balance strategic risk-taking with a practical approach to business. These qualities fostered a culture of accountability. Even amid a global recession […]

Being a good neighbor

On a local level, Whirlpool works with community organizations to support affordable housing, education and economic development. In 2002, Whirlpool Latin America launched Instituto Consulado da Mulher, a social program […]

Education through clean clothes

Dirty clothes lead to missed classroom time for students all over the United States, potentially impacting their futures. That’s why Whirlpool launched the Care Counts laundry program to provide washers […]

Large-scale community impact

Whirlpool Corp. works closely with United Way to support programming around health, education and financial stability. In 2018, CEO Marc Bitzer was elected to the board of directors of United […]

Habitat for Humanity

One thing is for certain: If Whirlpool is part of a community, it’s helping to make it better. Ever since 1999, Whirlpool Corp. has donated a range and refrigerator to […]

An innovation company that makes appliances

With brands and consumers all over the world, Whirlpool recognized the need for a new innovation strategy that sourced ideas from all levels of the organization. As part of this, […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Dave Whitwam

Only a few Whirlpool employees had passports in the mid-1980s, something that changed under CEO Dave Whitwam’s leadership. If Jack Sparks laid the foundation for the company’s expansion, then Whitwam […]

Leading Whirlpool Corporation: Jack Sparks

The 1980s were marred by the perception of an America in decline, but while other large companies were breaking up, new CEO Jack Sparks sought to lay the groundwork for […]

Putting people first

Because of John Platts’ experience as a manufacturing worker, he was uniquely qualified to deal with one of the era’s most contentious issues: labor relations. The 1960s ushered in a […]